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RevWriter Resource

The RevWriter Resource (ISSN 1545-939x) was a free monthly electronic newsletter for the busy congregational leader, published from November 2002 - December 2013. It supplied timely materials that could be used either individually or with groups. Each issue included a monthly devotional, a brief article on a leadership topic, and print and cyber resources.

Issues published January 2009 – December 2013 are posted here to serve as continuing resources.

Past Issues

December 2013

Advent Devotions

Featured Article: Advent Devotions by Heidi Rodrick-Schnaath, Mark Ristine, Kay S. Richter, Katya Ouchakof, Sharron R. Blezard, Trina Stutzman, David B. Smith

Volume 12, Issue 11

November 2013

Collaborative Ministry

Featured Article: Reflections on Ministry by Katya Ouchakof

Volume 12, Issue 10

October 2013


Featured Article: Vocation - Multiplying the Church's Footprint in the World by D. Michael Bennethum

Volume 12, Issue 9

September 2013

Cross+Generational Worship

Featured Article: Cross+Generational Worship by The Rev. Dr. Keith A. Spencer

Volume 12, Issue 8

July 2013

Conflict in Congregational Life

Featured Article: Asking the "Right" Questions to Resolve Congregational Conflict by Eric Burtness

Volume 12, Issue 7

June 2013

Conflict in Congregational Life

Featured Article: Re-"visioning" Conflict by Susan M. Lang

Volume 12, Issue 6

May 2013

Organic Ministry

Featured Article: Organic Ministry: Rooted in Relationship by Sue Ellen Spotts

Volume 12, Issue 5

April 2013

Practicing Congregational Discernment

Featured Article: Discerning Our Call to Ministry by Susan M. Lang

Volume 12, Issue 4

March 2013

Lenten Devotions

Featured Article: Lenten Devotions by Colleen Cox, Kathryn A. Kleinhans, Cora Lee Meier, Bud Holland, Susan J. Reinhardt, Molly Doreza, & Rochelle Melander

Volume 12, Issue 3

February 2013

Theological Reflections

Featured Article: (Re)considering Christianity, Sustainability and Green Living by Ron Rude

Volume 12, Issue 2

January 2013

Exploring Effective Leadership in the Church

Featured Article: Leadership 2.0 by Susan M. Lang

Volume 12, Issue 1

December 2012

Advent Devotions

Featured Article: Advent Devotions by Kathryn Kleinhans, Elaine Krome, Erin Diericx, Rebecka Fetters, Kevin Ruffcorn, David Smith, & Sara Vanderpan

Volume 11, Issue 11

November 2012

Greening Our Faith

Featured Article: Greening Our Faith-Putting Belief Into Action by Stacey Kennealy

Volume 11, Issue 10

October 2012

Fresh Ideas for Celebrating the Reformation

Featured Article: Fresh Ideas for Reformation by Kathryn A. Kleinhans

Volume 11, Issue 9

September 2012

The Centrality of Worship

Featured Article: Crossing the Threshold by Pamela Czarnota

Volume 11, Issue 8

July 2012

Beating Leadership Burnout

Featured Article: Is It Really Better to Burn Out Than to Rust? by Dave Daubert

Volume 11, Issue 7

June 2012

Uniting Six Generations in the Church

Featured Article: Why Can't We All Just Get Along? by Carroll Sheppard

Volume 11, Issue 6

May 2012

Bivocational Ministry

Featured Article: Bivocational Ministry As An Option for Small Congregations by David B. Smith

Volume 11, Issue 5

April 2012

Holy Week Devotions

Featured Article: Holy Week Devotions by Beth Beyer Abbott, Colleen Cox, Craig Smith, Sharron Riessinger Blezard, Erin Diericx, Cora Lee Meier, & Susan J. Reinhardt

Volume 11, Issue 4

March 2012

The Church Environment

Featured Article: Clearing the Air in Our Churches by Janet Ann Collins

Volume 11, Issue 3

February 2012

Reflections on Leadership

Featured Article: The Hunkie Cooper Principle by Craig H. Smith

Volume 11, Issue 2

January 2012

Taking Sabbath Time

Featured Article: Give it a Rest! Retreat Ideas for People too Busy for Retreats by Kathy Haueisen

Volume 11, Issue 1

December 2011

Advent Devotions

Featured Article: Advent Devotions by David B. Smith, Beth Beyer Abbott, Thomas E. Phillips, Kimberly A. Rapczak, Kathryn Kleinhans, Lee Miller II, Linda Nansteel Lovell

Volume 10, Issue 11

November 2011

Leadership for the 21st Century

Featured Article: Rooted in Relationship: Nurturing a Network Leadership Style within Your Congregation By Susan M. Lang and Richard J. Bruesehoff'

Volume 10, Issue 10

October 2011


Featured Article: Promoting Financial Sanity in a Consumer-Crazy Culture by Kathy Haueisen

Volume 10, Issue 9

September 2011

The Theology of Food

Featured Article: God's Banquet Makers by Mark Bredin

Volume 10, Issue 8

July 2011

Spiritual Practices and Creativity

Featured Article: Living Out Our Spirituality through Creativity and Prayer by Suzanne Halstead & Wanda Schwandt

Volume 10, Issue 7

June 2011

Creating Congregations of Peace

Featured Article: Creating Cultures of Peace by Mark Bredin

Volume 10, Issue 6

May 2011

Reflections on Spiritual Transformation

Featured Article: Marks of Transformation by Pamela Czarnota

Volume 10, Issue 5

April 2011

Lenten Devotionals

Featured Article:

Volume 10, Issue 4

March 2011

Cultivating Hope-Based Leadership

Featured Article: Beyond Hopeful: Leading Toward Hope by Bob Sitze

Volume 10, Issue 3

February 2011

Disaster Ministry for Congregations

Featured Article: A Ready Hope in Times of Disaster by Kathryn Haueisen

Volume 10, Issue 2

January 2011

Using Drama in Worship

Featured Article: Parables for the Stage by Pete Fernbaugh

Volume 10, Issue 1

December 2010

Advent Devotionals

Featured Article:

Volume 9, Issue 11

November 2010


Featured Article: Growing Disciples--Models and Systems by Nicole Reilley

Volume 9, Issue 10

October 2010


Featured Article: Spirituality 101 by Darlene B. Muschett

Volume 9, Issue 9

September 2010

Preparing for Advent

Featured Article: A Visual Journey through Advent by Thomas M. Lang and the Office Staff of New Hanover Lutheran Church, Gilbertsville, PA

Volume 9, Issue 8

July 2010

Worship Life

Featured Article: Raising Hands by Tina Klinesmith

Volume 9, Issue 7

June 2010

Examining Your Ministry Context

Featured Article: Examining Your Context by Nicole Reilley

Volume 9, Issue 6

May 2010

Healthy Transitions in the Congregation

Featured Article: Healthy Transitions in Church Life by Peg Garvey-Mitchell

Volume 9, Issue 5

April 2010

Journaling and Your Spiritual Journey

Featured Article: Journaling and the Spiritual Journey by Kathryn Haueisen Cashen

Volume 9, Issue 5

March 2010

Lenten Devotions

Featured Article:

Volume 9, Issue 3

February 2010

Missional Leadership

Featured Article: Missional Leaders Needed for Today's Church by Rev. Dr. Richard W. Rouse

Volume 9, Issue 2

January 2010

Enhancing Congregational Leadership

Featured Article: Leadership Essentials for Those Serving Christ's Church by Susan M. Lang

Volume 9, Issue 1