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Rev. Sue Lang, RevWriter Resources, LLCSince 2009, RevWriter Resources, LLC, has been a Lifelong Learning Partner of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA). This recognition acknowledges that along with seminaries and other ministry learning centers, Rev. Sue Lang offers quality learning experiences. For several years she even sponsored her own writer’s conference for religious communicators.

RevWriter Resources, LLC is also a sponsoring lifelong learning provider listed at Faith and Wisdom (Lifelong Learning Opportunities for People of Faith)

As an author of church leadership materials and curricula she has conducted workshops and seminars for:

  • Congregational leadership teams
  • Ecumenical gatherings
  • Clusters of congregations
  • ELCA First Call events
  • Mutual ministry seminars

“I craft workshops and leadership retreats to address your congregation’s specific goals. Contact me to begin the conversation.” –Rev. Sue Lang

Here’s a list of previous congregational and regional workshops I have created:

Communications Skills and Conflict

Conflict: Mere Survival…or Opportunity to Grow

When you are going through conflict, you and your congregation may feel like you are barely surviving. Yet the pain that you and your congregation may feel could be growing pains. We’ll look at the growing edges that conflict offers and how to nurture the growth potential. (This workshop could easily be offered for a Conference Gathering.)

The Two Faces of Conflict

If a congregation has no conflict it may either be dying or in denial. Conflict is a sign of life and indicates a willingness to risk and to grow. Learn how to identify healthy conflict and how to keep it from turning into a destructive force.

Leading Through Conflict and Keeping the Faith

A day-long retreat that explores healthy communications and leadership during times of conflict in the congregation.

Promoting Healthy Communications in Our Congregation

Don’t wait until you are in the midst of conflict. Build communication skills in your congregation in a proactive way. Participants look at the origins of communications skills and using a variety of tools, explore differences in communicating.

Transformational Conflict

Every leader will face conflict in his or her ministry. It’s a fact of life, but it doesn’t have to be one that evokes fear. We’ll look at some of the dynamics of conflict and discuss leadership strategies and growth opportunities for both the congregation and its leaders.

Congregational Writing

Blueprint for Devotions

Creating a congregational devotional booklet is an opportunity to share the gifts and stories of writers in your pews. You’ll receive a blueprint to take you through all the stages of publication. (This workshop can be combined with Snapshots of Grace).

Snapshots of Grace

When you write a devotional you capture in words a snapshot of grace. Learn how to write devotions for your church. Discover markets for devotional writing.

Healing Words: An Exploration of Journaling

Each day of journaling can serve as a stepping stone toward renewal and wholeness. Explore the journey within and discover how to turn journaling into a ministry tool.

Leadership Development

Making Mutual Ministry Work

This interactive workshop explores the exciting concept of mutual ministry found in the book, Pastor and People: Making Mutual Ministry Work.  It can be facilitated for a congregation’s leadership team or for a cluster of congregations who would like to learn together.  Sue is one of the co-authors of Pastor and People.

Identity from the Inside Out

To be a healthy church, a congregation needs healthy leaders. This workshop offers tools to empower and strengthen your congregational leaders in their ministry.

Each One Gifted

Explore the gifts of your congregational leadership team through the use of the Myers Briggs Type Inventory. Participants will take the MBTI and learn about how their type preferences can influence their leadership and communication styles.

Leading More Effectively: Understanding your MBTI® Preferences

Conflicts and misunderstanding are often the result of people expecting others to both take in information and process it the same way we do. But, that doesn’t happen. This workshop uses the MBTI® to help you develop a better understanding of your preferences and how they might affect your leadership style.


Gifted for Mission

A day-long retreat to explore individual gifts of the leadership team and gifts of the congregation and how they might be utilized to refine congregational mission.

Keeping the Focus: Leadership during Times of Change

A look at the realities and challenges of congregational leadership during times of change. Includes a refresher on unhealthy and healthy communications.

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